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WHEN - Survival Zydeco Dance Lesson – 2:30 / Open Zydeco Dance 3-5.


Saturday April 19th

Black Rock Zydeco

Saturday April 19th
at the Harmony House

58 East Main St, Webster, NY 14580


~~ let’s do it up right ~~
~~ be sure to bring a dish to pass ~~

7:15PM - Zydeco Dance Lesson
8:00PM to 11:00PM – Its show time!!!!
Cover: $12 / $10 w/ valid Student ID
Info: (585) 727-4119

Black Rock Zydeco

the hottest new Zydeco Dance Band in New York State
Come check out what life’s like in “Black Rock”


Black Rock Zydeco, from the ‘Black Rock’ neighborhood of Buffalo, delivers a mix of stand-out original songs and Cajun/Creole favorites from classic and contemporary Louisiana performers. Vocal harmonies, inventive arrangements, and an energetic stage presence all come together for a musical experience that gets crowds moving.  “Black Rock” has brought a number of exciting Louisiana traditions up north; a fascinating one is found in their name … taking on “Black Rock” from their hood in Buffalo, just as Steve Riley and the ‘Mamou’ Playboys took ‘Mamou’ from his home in Louisiana.  Another tradition they’ve embraced … packing their shows with joy and a warm community vibe.  Come check out what life’s like in “Black Rock”.

“Had the pleasure of recently seeing New York State’s newest Zydeco band, Black Rock Zydeco, at the Sportsmen’s Tavern in Buffalo.  They’ve hit the ground running, with a great groove, dynamic stage presence, and a really special sound. All seasoned musicians, they’ve come together laying down a serious Zydeco dance groove led by accordionist Ron Kowalewski who keeps his love for Louisiana’s Creole experience front and center.” — Bruce Handelman, Rochester Cajun Zydeco Network



Black Rock Zydeco "Two Step Gorilla" -
Black Rock Zydeco "Iko Iko/Women Are Smarter" -
Black Rock Zydeco "We're Gonna Spark This" -
Black Rock Zydeco "Hot Tamale Baby" -
Black Rock Zydeco "Born in the Country" -
Black Rock Zydeco "Get Up, Get Up, Get Up" -


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Saturday May 10th  

Preston Frank
and Big Daddy Zydeco

Special treat!!! Opening the show
Jim Miller’s alt-country, honky tonk band
(30 minute set)

Saturday May 10th  
at the Harmony House

~~ All are encouraged to bring a dish or snack to pass ~~

Preston Frank is one of the last of the older Creole style of accordion players. He makes real Creole music from the small rural community of Soileau, Louisiana and is an important force in preserving traditional Creole French music. He is the father of Keith Frank, one of the most popular young Zydeco artist of today in Louisiana.

As Dirk Powell puts it:
“When you hear Preston Frank singing “I was born in the country” in the song “Creole Man” you sense instantly that he embodies the best of what that statement means – an openness and generosity of spirit, an inseparable bond with his culture, a mix of humility and expressiveness that makes his music sparkle. His driving accordion licks grab you. His vocals growl. His rhythms get your blood pumping.”


LOCATION:           Harmony House - 58 East Main St. Webster (Rt. 404)
DATE:                     May 10, 2014
TIME:                      7:15 – Zydeco Dance lesson with Esther Brill /  8:00-11:00 - Performance
INFO:                     (585) 727-4119,

Ticket info:            $15 in advance (available at stores listed below) / $18 day of show / $10 with valid Student ID

  • The Bop Shop -  1460 Monroe Ave, Brighton
  • Stutzman’s Guitar Center -  4405 West Ridge Rd, Greece
  • The Music Store - 18 E. Main St, Webster
  • Out of town? Send check payable to “RCZN” with a SASE to “Bruce Handelman / 175 Greenaway Road / Rochester NY 14610”


Well just who is Big Daddy Zydeco? We all know he’s Preston Frank, one of the last of seasoned Creole style of accordion players and father of Keith Frank who is without a doubt one of the top young Zydeco performers in Louisiana today. But beyond Preston, Big Daddy Zydeco is a collaboration between Preston Frank and former members of Donna the Buffalo, a band deeply influenced by Preston – Jim Miller/guitar and Jed Greenberg/bass, who’ve played with Preston countless times over the years at festivals and on tour while with Donna the Buffalo. The late night / all night Zydeco Dance tent at the Grass Roots Festival is legendary for countless reasons. A piece of the legend flows from the lock in groove Preston held with Jim and Jed. When I told Preston about the possibility of this tour his eyes lit up with excitement. He knew the musical possibilities were rich. He was also excited by the unknown, by bringing together these musicians with such deep connection and letting it flow, Preston knew magical things are bound to happen. Be there for the excitement. Be there for the magic. Be there for Big Daddy Zydeco … Preston Frank.

Big Daddy Zydeco and Demijohn are comprised of:

  • Jim Miller – Guitar - Donna the Buffalo, Jim Lauderdale, Tara Nevins, Preston Frank and Big Daddy Zydeco, Rough Gems, Demijohn.
  • Jed Greenberg - Bass - Donna the Buffalo, Jim Lauderdale, Tara Nevins, Preston Frank and Big Daddy Zydeco, Carol Elizabeth Jones, TurtleDuhks, Rough Gems, Demijohn.
  • Ryan Cady – Drums – Horse Flies, Boy with a Fish, Hubcap, Preston Frank and Big Daddy Zydeco, Mary Lorson & Saint Low, Rough Gems, Demijohn. 
  • Rosie Newton – Fiddle - Richie Stearns, Evil City String Band, The Pearly Snaps, Ferintosh (internationally touring Celtic band)
  • Thomas Bryan Eaton – Guitar and Petal Steel Guitar - Miss Tess, Yvette Landry, Donna the Buffalo, Preston Frank and Big Daddy Zydeco, Kelley and the Cowboys, Yonder Mountain String Band, Basement Band, Your 33 Black Angels, The Breedings, Ginny Hawker and Tracy Schwartz, Minerva Lions, Serena Jean, JP Harris and the Tough Choices, The Crooners, Vancans, Elephant Revival, Rachel Platten, Steve Waitt, and many, many more.

Preston Frank and Big Daddy Zydeco @ Lilac Fest 2010 – Part 2

Preston Frank and Ed Poullard at Eagles Hall, Alameda CA June 2009 – Oh Mom  

Preston Frank and Ed Poullard in Denver, Nov 2009 - ‘Born in the Country’

Preston Frank and Ed Poullard with Tara Nevins (scrub) and Jeb Puryear (guitar) of Donna the Buffalo - Hot Tamale Baby

Preston Frank with his uncle Carlton Frank (3 years before he passed) at Balfa Camp 2001 - Amede Two-Step  

Preston Frank w/ Donna The Buffalo at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Music Festival 2007  

Preston Frank Family Band …  joined by members of Donna the Buffalo playing Boozoo Chavis song "Zydeco Hee haw" at Shakori Hills Grassroots Music Festival  

Detailed Bio Info - Preston Frank

• A link to the traditional zydeco sound of an era gone by, accordionist Preston Frank is best known in many circles as the father of nouveau zydeco star Keith Frank. But as Keith knows, he would not be where he is without his Big Daddy. Big Daddy, Preston Frank, born in Oberlin LA in 1947.

• Comes from a family of respected Creole musicians families who can trace their musical lineage at least as far back as Preston’s great-grandfather Joseph Frank Jr., an accordion player, and his great-greatgrandfather, Joseph Frank Sr., who played fiddle. Also in the lineage is his uncle, the esteemed Carlton Frank, one of the few traditional Creole fiddlers who was recorded including on Preston’s 2003 release, Born in the Country.

• And one of the reasons Preston has kept in the public’s awareness outside of Louisiana is his long association with the band Donna the Buffalo and his family’s annual pilgrimage to the Grass Roots Festival in Trumansburg NY, the home of the true ALL NIGHT Zydeco Dance Tent. Countless people outside of Louisiana got their first exposure to Zydeco music and the captivating dance groove listening to Preston and Keith jam with members of Donna the Buffalo. Importantly Grass Roots and the Donna the Buffalo connection provide a wonderful stage on which to gain people’s respect, and just as importantly, gave Preston much joy as he played effortlessly with musicians who deeply appreciated his authenticity.

• The reality is Preston is a quiet humble but proud man, proud of who he is and proud of how is kids have risen to the top of the Louisiana Zydeco world. But at this point Preston’s prominence is not based on some ironic twist, riding the coattails of his son’s success, rather the respect Preston has earned is based on his carrying the torch of the deep Creole Zydeco groove which dancers and music lovers are so easily captivated by. Tara Nevins of Donna the Buffalo was inspired to pick up the accordion and incorporate it into their sound out appreciation of Preston’s groove. Preston Frank lives on. Creole Zydeco lives on.

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