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RCZN Kicks of our 15th Anniversary Season with a Flood Disaster Fundraiser
Zydeco Radio
from Lafayette LA


“broadcasting” LIVE from
The Ballroom at the Harmony House – 58 E Main St Webster NY

Flood Relief Benefit Concert
Helping flood victims of Louisiana’s Great Flood of 2016
15th Anniversary Season of RCZN
15 Years of supporting the music, dance, and Cajun & Creole people of SW Louisiana
Zydeco Radio” from Lafayette LA
Dynamic emerging Zydeco band from the heart and soul of Zydeco Country
BONUS: Roddie Romero (on guitar)
Roddie will be joining ZR for this tour … leader of highly the acclaimed “Hub City Allstars”

BAND: Zydeco Radio from Lafayette LA
FUNDRAISER: All funds raised beyond expenses goes to Flood Disaster Relief
LOCATION: The Harmony House, 58 East Main St, Webster, NY 14580
TIME: 7:15PM - Zydeco dance lesson / 8-11PM – Show
TICKETS: $12 advance
•        Advanced AVAILABLE ONLINE
•        Bop Shop Records - 1460 Monroe Ave, Brighton
TICKETS: Day of Show - $15 @ the Door  / Student Discount with ID - $10
INFO:  585-727-4119

RCZN’s 15th Anniversary Celebration morphs into Flood Relief Fundraiser for SW Louisiana

The Rochester Cajun Zydeco Network (RCZN) had planned to celebrate our 15th anniversary of bringing the best of Louisiana Cajun and Zydeco music and dance to Rochester … and we will.  But our focus has shifted to the Louisiana’s Great Flood of 2016 and the need to do what we can to help our brothers and sisters who have been devastated by the unfathomable rains.

So RCZN’s LAUNCH of our 15th ANNIVERSARY season  … with "Zydeco Radio" … has morphed into a Flood Relief Benefit Concert to address the needs of the people of Louisiana in the face of The Great Flood of 2016.  

Zydeco Radio is THE PERFECT band to headline this Benefit Concert.  Not only is Zydeco Radio a dynamic emerging Zydeco band from the heart and soul of Zydeco Country, Lafayette LA, the band’s Scrubboard player Trent Oubre has offered up a painting, “Preserve”, inspired by the Great Flood, as a Flood Relief donation product.  These young “Cajun” musicians are doing their part to “Preserve” one of the many treasures of SW Louisiana by playing some of the best Kick@ss Zydeco dance music you could ever hear juking out of a “Zydeco Radio”!!!

All proceeds from the show will be going to Flood Relief AND even if you can’t make the show you can pitch in, donate, and support our efforts.  Through RCZN you’ll have 3 options to donate money, both in advance and at the Zydeco Radio show on Sept 17th.

  • Acadiana Disaster Response Fund – A tax deductible fund organized by the Community Foundation of Acadiana (CFA).  CFA is working closely with federal, state and local agencies as well as nonprofit organizations and churches to people and organizations whose needs are falling through the cracks and deliver much needed relief. Donate directly to CFA, with whom RCZN will work with to track our community’s contributions.
  • Direct to Victims through our friend Beau Thomas, master fiddler, who lives in Abbeville LA, whose community was directly hit by floods.
  • Purchase a copy of “Preserve” – Zydeco Radio’s scrubboard player, Trent Oubre has donated the image of his painting, “Preserve”, inspired by the Great Flood, as a Flood Relief donation product. All funds (other than shipping) donated to CFA’s Acadiana Disaster Response Fund.  They’ve sold out the initial 300 printing and are in the process of ramping up another batch and a new online purchase site.  RCZN will have a link on Our Website as soon as it’s available. And, if Trent has any left at the show, we’ll certainly have them for sale.


The Great Flood of 2016 that hit Louisiana stands as the worst US natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy forcing thousands into shelters, about 30,000 were rescued from flooded homes, an estimated 60,646 houses damaged and as many as 188,729 occupied houses and 507,495 people -- 11 percent of the state's population -- were "affected" by the flood.  Neighbors saved neighbors.  The Cajun Navy met the challenge.  People outside Louisiana have since flooded Louisiana with love, prayers, money and materials.  However the impact and tolls the Flood has taken will remain for a long time.  Even with Federal Emergency Assistance, some people and communities will fall through the cracks.  RCZN and you can pitch in to help.

When “Zydeco Radio” formed they chose to “tune into” the deeply rooted in-the-pocket groove of Beau Jocque and Zydeco Force, seminal Zydeco bands of the 90’s … interesting choice for a young krewe of Cajun born musicians. They’ve further infused their sound with New Orleans-style funk/blues & ‘60s soul, citing Allen Toussaint & The Meters as added inspiration. “All of us being from this region and growing up around Zydeco music. The most important element is playing stuff people can dance to.”  Evidence that Zydeco Radio nails it?  In 2015 won Downtown Lafayette’s “Favorite Band,” no small feat in the heart of Cajun-Zydeco country.



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