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Kickoff Show of our 2014-15 Series

Ruben Moreno
and the
Zydeco Re-Evolution

Saturday September 20th



A proud young Chicano-Creole artist from Houston Texas

Saturday September 20th

@ the Harmony House in Webster NY

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Ruben Moreno showing how it’s done on accordion at Eagles Hall in Alameda CA  -
Ruben Moreno burning it up playing Rubboard with Zydeco great Andre Thierry -


Houston native, Ruben Moreno, is the multi-instrumentalist front man for Ruben Moreno and Zydeco Re-Evolution. Ruben’s first appearance on stage was at the age of 10 as washboard player for Leroy Thomas at the grand opening of The Continental Club in Houston. At 13 he was the opening act for Roy Carrier and has continued to play with many of today’s top Zydeco artists on stages across the country, from the New Orleans Jazz Fest with C.J. Chenier to the Waldorf Astoria in New York with Andre Thierry. An award-winning musician on washboard and emerging accordionist, Moreno's music brings the sounds of traditional Zydeco to the mainstream. 

In Ruben’s own words:

“I know my beliefs and ideas are quite different from other Zydeco artists but change is something you can’t get away from. It’s only a matter of time before Zydeco music and Creole culture will be used to reach other people, to bring up issues that we face nowadays in this country and in this world. That’s what I want to do; I want to use this music. I idolize Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix because they were activists of peace, who used the tools they were good at, whether it was the church, poetry, or music, to speak positive words. I know I can use my own tools, too: I can use my accordion, my band, my music, my words, and my form of art to do what they did, advocate for a world of positive change.”

“This is the birth of Zydeco Re-Evolution, the evolution of a culture and music ... I’ve come a long way and there’s no turning back now. I’m going to keep going and keep pushing myself to be the best I can be because I know life is going to get better. Change is inevitable and all we can do is change right along with it. Don’t doubt yourself that you can be the best because it is all up to you, your life is how you wish it to be, don’t let yourself down.”

“Peace, Love, and Honky Tonk!”


LOCATION:  Harmony House, 58 East Main St, Webster, NY 14580
DATE:            Saturday September 20th  
TIME:             7:15PM - Zydeco dance lesson  /  8:00PM to 11:00PM – Performance
TICKETS:     $12 in advance (available at stores listed below)   $15 day of show  / $10 - student with valid ID 

    • The Bop Shop -  1460 Monroe Ave, Brighton
    • Stutzman’s Guitar Center -  4405 West Ridge Rd, Greece
    • The Music Store - 18 E. Main St, Webster
    • Martha Jane's Traditional Homemade (bakery) - 5 Rochester Public Market, north-side building (Sat-Sun)

INFO:   (585) 727-4119 /

Ruben Moreno – VIDEOS

@ The Blue Moon Saloon – “What You Come To Do” -
@ Blue Moon, Austin, TX – “Turn on your Love Light” -
@ Long Beach Crawfish Festival 2013 – “Marie Marie” -
Ruben Moreno - Everybody's Havin' Fun -
Ruben Moreno - Bye Bye Mon Neg -
Ruben Moreno - Houston Zydeco Medley -
@ The Blue Moon Saloon – "You and I" -

Dancers Inspired by Ruben:
@ Long Beach Crawfish Festival 2013 -
@ Eagles Hall, Alameda CA -   


Ruben Moreno - Biography
Ruben Moreno was born January 15, 1990 in Houston, TX., the “First Hispanic Zydeco artist”.  Growing up in 2nd Ward “East End” & 5th Ward “Frenchtown”, he was influenced by his grandmother Julia Almendarez whom he is dedicating his new CD to.

Being of Creole, Spanish and Italian descent, Ruben listened to a wide variety of music with his grandmother. Every Sunday morning, Ruben would wake up to the sound of a ten-piece band playing in his grandmother’s dining room, and every Sunday morning he’d pick out an instrument and go play right along with them. He had a passion for music from a very young age and even now, 21-years later, he’s still playing the music he loves.   

Ruben’s first appearance on stage was at the age of 10 as wash-board player for Leroy Thomas at the grand opening of The Continental Club on Main St. in Houston. Since then Ruben has opened up for many artists who play many different styles of music; from country to hip hop, Reggae to Indie, and Salsa to Rockabilly.

At 13 he was the opening act for Roy Carrier and has continued to play with many of today’s top Zydeco artists on stages across the country, from the New Orleans Jazz Fest with C.J. Chenier to the Waldorf Astoria in New York with Andre Thierry.

Having mastered the washboard, Ruben is continuing to hone his accordion skills and writes his own music as well music for others. He has won numerous awards for both his wash-board and accordion talents and he plans on putting a new twist to Zydeco. He excitedly states, “My goal is to somehow break down every wall that is separating Zydeco music from pop culture; but still staying traditional.  My original Zydeco music includes many different genres such as Rock, Country, Ska, Swing, and more.  I'm hoping to be the first big Zydeco crossover artist”…

With his mind set on the future, and his accordion in hand, Ruben Moreno is ready to step out into the world and change everyone’s perspective on Zydeco music by breaking down barriers and opening up doors into a new genre of music.

`It's just fun music' / Young zydeco musician aims to be one of the greats
Houston Chronicle article from when Ruben was just 14

Eighth-grader Ruben "Little Ruben" Moreno made his presence known recently when he gave his fellow students and school administrators at Deady Middle School, 2500 Broadway, a musical performance they are sure to remember for years to come.   "They were going crazy," said the 14-year-old Moreno. "The people in the bleachers were about to fall off."  With an accordion in his arms, Moreno, along with English as a second language science teacher Jerry Dearbonne on acoustic guitar, made their musical debut while introducing students and teachers to zydeco music in a way that perhaps many had never heard before.   And to both of their surprise, the audience went wild.

Ruben Moreno Interview in the magazine Iamcreole!__zydeco/interview-w/-moreno

EJ: Ruben Moreno, I read your bio and it says, The first Hispanic Zydeco Artist. My question is how did you get drawn to Creole culture and the zydeco music?
Ruben: Its all a beautiful thing, the food, the language, its so close to the Latin culture. So it wasn’t too much crossing over, it was like crossing a border but a familiar border, but I was raised in a Hispanic community and family.  Both sides of the family I have, Hispanic parents....I was introduced to the culture, the food, and music by my grandfather who had family from Louisiana. I liked it, but didnt have an urge to play [Zydeco]. But, in Houston you can find Zydeco on every corner. 
EJ: I see at the age of 13 you opened for the legendary Roy Carrier who passed away in 2010, what is the story behind that event?
Ruben: Clifton Chenier’s sister, Mary Thomas lives in Houston. I have been knowing her since I was 8 or 9, she took me to all the zydeco events in Texas and Louisiana. When, she found out that I picked up the accordion she asked if I could do an hour or hour & half, and she hooked me up to Roy who was on a tour in Texas, first time with accordion on the stage.  It was nerve reckoning being at the club at 13, with people in their 30s ready to zydeco. And then a Mexican looking kid comes up, but by the second song with some Boozoo, we had fun. People were rock’n, especially when I opened my mouth and started singing in French.   I try to keep the traditional Créole music alive.
EJ: What other acts have you performed with?
Ruben: Non-zydeco, Tab Benoit a guitar player from Baton Rouge, I opened up for the Texas Tornados, Punto Accordion player Mingo Saldivar. Zydeco- CJ Chenier, Roy Carrier, Andre Thierry, I have performed at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, Monterrey Blues Fest, Wardoff Astoria in NYC with Andre Thierry.
EJ: Do you think zydeco is a popular music choice in the Houston area?
Ruben: Its popular but not respected, its everywhere but people take it for granted. I am trying to put a new breathe of fresh air in it, where people can look at it and say it deserves respect. Here it is a cut throat industry, there are thousands of zydeco bands in Houston, literally. But, people are like why get you, when I can get this guy for a couple hundred dollars.
EJ: What are your future plans with the zydeco music?
Ruben: To try to get in every festival and trail ride on I-10 and across the nation. I want to play events where zydeco artists don’t normally go. I want to be on top radio, BET, MTV, and VH1. I want to be on all that, sometimes I have to change things. I normally play traditional Créole zydeco music, but change is inevitable, people forget Clifton Chenier took traditional Amédé Ardoin’s music with blues and it was amazing!  Whether people accept it or not, it is gonna change regardless.  Through my music I want to change a lot of things in our lives through social issues...this culture and music can be used to reach people more than Crawfish, Mardi Gras, and zydeco it is bigger than that.

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